CODE Skateboard Hardware

Within the Code hardware range, you'll find everything that you need when it comes to building your skateboard and maintaining it.

The great selection of skateboard hardware includes;

  • 1" and 1.25" Hardware 8pk - RRP: £2.50
  • Riser Pads - RRP: £1.95
  • Kingpin Sets - RRP: £2.95
  • QuickBoltz - RRP: £2.95

In addition to the great value hardware, Code also have two different skateboard tools available, both of which are great for tightening and adjusting your skateboard on the go, and thanks to the compact design, fit easily in your pocket or skate bag.

  • Universal Skateboard Tool - RRP: £5.95
  • Y Wrench Skateboard Tool - RRP: £6.95

Code not only produce high quality skateboard components, they also have a range of skateboard wax to help you keep on sliding!

  • Skateboard wax from £2.95
Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Code Hardware Red - CH01 CODE HARDWARE RED - 1" CH01
Code Hardware Blue - CH02 CODE HARDWARE BLUE - 1" CH02
Code Hardware Yellow - CH03 CODE HARDWARE YELLOW - 1" CH03
Code Hardware Blue - CH02 CODE HARDWARE BLUE - 1.25" CH12
Code QuickBoltz - CH30 CODE QUICKBOLTZ - 1" CH30