DeadBolt Scuff Busters

Keeping your derby boots in good condition is tough going. The Scuff Busters from Deadbolt are made using the highest quality Condura fabric, which is renown in the industry for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs - perfect for protecting your boots.

Unlike many other toe guards on the market, you can mix and match colours on your Scuff Busters thanks to the two-piece design, meaning you can change it up to suit your bout-fit or team colours.

RRP: £19.99

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
DeadBolt Scuff Busters - Blue - DBSB100BL DEADBOLT SCUFF BUSTERS - BLUE DB/SB100/BL
DeadBolt Scuff Busters - Green - DBSB100GR DEADBOLT SCUFF BUSTERS - GREEN DB/SB100/GR
DeadBolt Scuff Busters - Teal - DBSB100TE DEADBOLT SCUFF BUSTERS - TEAL DB/SB100/TE
DeadBolt Scuff Busters - White - DBSB100WH DEADBOLT SCUFF BUSTERS - WHITE DB/SB100/WH
DeadBolt Scuff Busters - Yellow - DBSB100YE DEADBOLT SCUFF BUSTERS - YELLOW DB/SB100/YE