FR 1 Skates

FR Skates is a skater owned brand with team riders travelling all over the world to skate and interact with their fans. In doing this, they are able to take on board feedback. They have noticed the increase in demand for more speed and more agility from their freeride skates and now the all new range of FR 1 skates are here!

As with all of the skates in FR's range, they are equipped with high quality components that you've come to expect as standard on the FR skates. The FR 1 Inline Skates are a popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters and the FR 1 Skates are improved with a new shell design that has a wider opening to make them more comfortable and easier to get in and out of.

FR 1's are highly responsive and work well with skating cones, through traffic or manoeuvring the streets. The boots are rigid plastic with replaceable abrasive pads.