FR Daria In-Line Skates - Black


Designed for the dedicated freestyle skater, the Daria skates focus on performance and this comes from the stiff carbon fibre cuff and the integration of the liner to the shell to give extreme responsiveness for technical perfection and precision, as well as the new pre-rockered Deluxe V3 frame!

As a brand, FR are renown throughout the industry and worldwide for their knowledge of in-line skating and skates. This is something that only comes from hard work, dedication and collaborating with the biggest and best names. Daria Kuznetsova is the freestyle slalom world champion and possibly the best female freestyle slalom skater of all time.

To get the best energy transfer possible from your foot to the ground, FR have added two, seven hole, metal plates to the bottom of their skates, allowing you to adjust the setup of the Deluxe V3 frame. To help you reach the technical perfection that you need, FR have fitted NEW Extra Firm MPC Freestyle 76mm Wheels for maximum speed and precision.

Daria Kuznetsova, freestyle slalom world champion is showing us some nice tricks on her FR Daria promodel skates in this new edit...


Boot: Carbon Fibre Shell
Liner: Integrated FR Liner with Premium Insole
Frame: Deluxe V3 Rockered 231mm Black Frames
Wheels: 76mm/XFirm MPC Freestyle Wheels (NOTE: Wheel colour may vary)
Bearings: FR Twincam ILQ9 Slalom Pro Bearings
Colour: Black/Dark Pink
Use: Freestyle

RRP: £619.95