Mini Logo

Get MILITANT…….. At the heart of Mini Logo is being MILITANT (aggressively active in support of a cause) about raw, pure skateboarding and providing the best product possible at the best price uniting those that skate for the pure fun of it!

Mini Logo is militant about raw, pure skateboarding. We’re all about DIY skateboarding, local scenes and shops and doing our part to stoke the fire. To keep skaters doing what they did the most, Mini Logo offers the best product at the best possible price.

Mini Logo doesn’t have a team, but there’s a grassroots movement worldwide with countless official MILITANT’s riding Mini Logo products, hyping up their scenes and spreading the pure fun of it all. They remind us why we skate in the first place. This is the core of the MILITANT movement.

Support pure skateboarding, support the Official MILITANT’s, support Mini Logo and GET MILITANT!