Moxi Skates

Moxi Roller Skates is a brand of quad-roller skates created by Los Angeles roller derby player, Estro Jen (derby name), Michelle Steilen.

Estro’s mission was to harness the acceptance of all women with a desire to be on wheels and look cute while exercising! And that is when Moxi Roller Skates (the brand) was created.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Moxi Jack Black Boots MOXI JACK BOOTS BLACK - SIZE US 8 MED MOX/490259080
Moxi Jack V2 Black Boots MOXI V2.0 JACK BOOT - BLACK - SIZE 7 MED MOX/521059070
Moxi Jack Jade Boots MOXI JACK BOOTS JADE - SIZE US 10 MED MOX/490159100