Loaded Ceviche Custom Board Builder


All the best parts of the Loaded Fish deck have been diced up and put together to create something new - the Ceviche.

While techy tricks are not the Ceviche's speciality, it lends itself to many standard street skating tricks and can be ridden between the trucks for pumping.

Item Good for...
Paris 180mm Trucks All round, all terrain riding
Randall 180mm Trucks Carving tight & making quick turns
Otang 4Presidents Speedboarding, carving, slalom & commuting
Otang Stimulus All round riding
Otang Fat Free Grippy when needed & consistent in slides
Otang Kilmer Speedboarding & slalom
Abec 11 FreeRides Predictable drifting & freeriding
Abec 11 FlashBacks All round riding & general cruising
Abec 11 Grippins Quick, nimble & grippy
Abec 11 ZigZags Speedboarding, slalom & carving
Urban Blue Whites All round riding