Loaded Sama Custom Board Builder


We launched the original Dervish in June of 2007. In 2006 we had shifted our entire line to bamboo, which opened the doors for us to create a flexi drop-through board. All previous drop-throughs we’d built as protos had eventually fractured due to stress on the oak cores. We’ve made subtle changes to the Dervish since then (cutout and keyhole modifications and graphics), but it’s now time to change it up in a more significant fashion. We’ve learned a lot about compound contouring in the last few years (as seen on the Tan Tien) and felt it was time to step up and rethink the Dervish.

Item Good for...
Bear Grizzly Trucks Versatility, carving & downhill
Gullwing Chargers Freeriding, cruising & carving
Paris 180mm Trucks All round, all terrain riding
Randall 180mm Trucks Carving tight & making quick turns
Otang In Heats Consistancy, grip & fast roll
Otang 4Presidents Speedboarding, carving, slalom & commuting
Otang Fat Free Grippy when needed & consistent in slides
Otang Durians Grip, sliding & freestyling
Otang Stimulus All round riding
Otang Cage High speed slides & downhill
Otang Kilmer Speedboarding & slalom
Abec 11 FlashBacks All round riding & general cruising
Abec 11 Grippins Quick, nimble & grippy
Abec 11 Gumballs Downhill & carving
Abec 11 ZigZags Speedboarding, slalom & carving
Retro Zigzags Slalom & hard carving
Retro Bigzigs Downhill & freeriding
Retro Freerides Fast, smooth & drifty
Retro Vertz Durable slide wheels
Retro Erniez Quick turning & cruising
Urban Blue Whites All round riding