Loaded Vanguard Custom Board Builder


With a symmetrical shape and stance for a balanced centre of gravity as well as the ability to weight and unweight the deck through turns for control and efficient energy generation, this performance downhill Loaded Vanguard board will change the way you experience topography.

PreLoaded with concave and camber, and Loaded with the best components available, this convergence of skateboard and snowboard construction results in a dynamically Loaded, flexible and highly tuned board. The cores on all our cambered / concave boards are exclusively vert-lam Bamboo. Increased energy return results in an even more dynamic ride. These cores are significantly stronger and more durable than our old oak cores.

Item Good for...
Bear Grizzly Trucks Versatility, carving & downhill
Paris 180mm Trucks All round, all terrain riding
Randall 180mm Trucks Carving tight & making quick turns
Otang In Heats Consistancy, grip & fast roll
Otang 4Presidents Speedboarding, carving, slalom & commuting
Otang Fat Free Grippy when needed & consistent in slides
Otang Durians Grip, sliding & freestyling
Otang Stimulus All round riding
Otang Cage High speed slides & downhill
Otang Kilmer Speedboarding & slalom
Otang Baluts Freestyle, flexibility & agility in slides
Abec 11 BigZigs Downhill & freeriding
Abec 11 FreeRides Predictable drifting & freeriding