MFX Extreme Clamps

The MFX Extreme Double Clamp has been forged from a single piece of 6061 alloy to provide greater clamping power.

As with all clamps we recommend each bolt is tightened in sequence a turn a piece. This will ensure an even distribution of grip along your bars.

Extreme Double Clamp - RRP: £14.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MFX Extreme Double Scooter Clamp - Silver - Angled - 205-471 MFX EXTREME DOUBLE CLAMP - ALLOY MGP/205-471
MFX Extreme Double Clamp - Black - Angled - 205-352 MFX EXTREME DOUBLE CLAMP - BLACK MGP/205-352
MFX Extreme Double Clamp - Gold - Angled - 205-472 MFX EXTREME DOUBLE CLAMP - GOLD MGP/205-472