MGP Shock Tape


  • Bright, bold colour

  • Padded to prevent heel bruising

  • Reduces shock and stress to riders feet

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Madd Shock Tape Red inc Stickers 203-312 MADD SHOCK TAPE - RED inc STICKER MGP/203-312
Madd Shock Tape Orange inc Stickers 203-313 MADD SHOCK TAPE - ORANGE inc STICKER MGP/203-313
Madd Shock Tape Yellow inc Stickers 203-314 MADD SHOCK TAPE - YELLOW inc STICKER MGP/203-314
Madd Shock Tape Green inc Stickers 203-315 MADD SHOCK TAPE - GREEN inc STICKER MGP/203-315
Madd Shock Tape Blue inc Stickers 203-316 MADD SHOCK TAPE - BLUE inc STICKER MGP/203-316
Madd Shock Tape Black inc Stickers 203-317 MADD SHOCK TAPE - BLACK inc STICKER MGP/203-317