MGP VX 7 Grip Tape

Replacing the griptape on your scooter is an inexpensive way of freshening up your ride, and this year we have the grip tape from your favourite MGP VX7 Scooters available to purchase!

The full printed grip tape from MGP is available in all the options as seen on your favourite VX7 scooters and is designed to give riders the best grip possible.

RRP: £5.49

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MGP VX 7 Limited Edition Grip Tape - Black - MGP206-028 MGP VX 7 LIMITED EDITION GRIP TAPE - BLACK 4.5" MGP/206-028
MGP VX 7 PRO Grip Tape - Lime Black - MGP205-795 MGP VX7 PRO GRIPTAPE - LIME/BLACK MGP/205-795
MGP VX 7 PRO Grip Tape - Teal Orange - MGP205-796 MGP VX7 PRO GRIPTAPE - TEAL/ORANGE MGP/205-796
MGP VX 7 PRO Grip Tape - Red Black - MGP205-797 MGP VX7 PRO GRIPTAPE - RED/BLACK MGP/205-797
MGP VX 7 PRO Grip Tape - Silver - MGP205-798 MGP VX7 PRO GRIPTAPE - BLACK MGP/205-798
MGP VX 7 PRO Grip Tape - Sky Blue - MGP205-799 MGP VX7 PRO GRIPTAPE - BLUE MGP/205-799
MGP VX 7 Team Grip Tape - Silver - MGP205-838 MGP VX7 TEAM GRIPTAPE - BLACK MGP/205-838