Madd PRO Skateboard - GamePlay - Dept Banner -MGP207-231

Madd Gear PRO Series Skateboards

The all new Madd Gear PRO Series Skateboards offer quality components paired with some sick graphics, and are perfect for youngsters who have seen the older kids at the skateparks or shredding the streets and want to get involved.

The 31" long deck is constructed from 9 Ply maple and features nose and tail kicks to help beginners learn new tricks. The wide 8" deck, which is an ideal size for younger riders, is covered with a coarse griptape featuring a Madd Skull cut out, a concave profile to provide a secure footing and 5" wide trucks which are made from heavy duty aluminium.

To give a smooth and fast ride, the new Madd Gear PRO Skateboards are fitted with 50mm 90a urethane wheels and Carbon Steel ABEC 3 bearings and feature great designs. Perfect for cruising or ripping it up at the skatepark.

All Madd Gear PRO Skateboards come fully assembled so they're ready to ride.


Deck: 31" x 8" 9 Ply Maple Deck
Trucks: Heavy Duty 5" Aluminium Trucks with 90a Cushions
Wheels: 50mm x 30mm 90a PU Wheels with Madd Gear Graphic
Bearings: Carbon Steel ABEC 3 Rated
Griptape: Full OS-780 Coarse Griptape with Madd Skull Cut Out

RRP: £27.49

Please note that these boards should be ordered in quantities of 4, and can be of mixed colours if required. They are also available for Direct Dispatch at our DD1 price.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Grittee Red - Underside - MGP205-083 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - GRITTEE RED MGP/205-083
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Krunch Lime - Underside - MGP205-084 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - KRUNCH GREEN MGP/205-084
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Jest Red Turq - Undersid - MGP205-291 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - JEST RED / TURQUIOSE MGP/205-291
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Hatter Stripe - Undersid - MGP205-565 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - HATTER STRIP BLUE / BLACK MGP/205-565
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - GamePlay - Underside - MGP205-583 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - GAME PLAY BLUE / GREEN MGP/205-583
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Gradient - Underside - MGP205-592 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - GRADIENT / BLACK MGP/205-592
Madd PRO Skateboard - GamePlay - Black Red - Undersi -MGP207-231 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - GAMEPLAY - BLACK/RED MGP/207-231
Madd PRO Skateboard II - Reptilia - Underside - MGP207-233 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - REPTILIA MGP/207-233
Madd PRO Skateboard II - Brain Freeze - Underside - MGP207-234 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - BRAIN FREEZE - Limited Edition MGP/207-234
Madd PRO Skateboard II - OutBreak - Underside - MGP207-237 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - OUTBREAK MGP/207-237
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard II - Kingdom - Underside - MGP207-238 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - KINGDOM - Limited Edition MGP/207-238
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Snake Pit - Underside - MGP207-495 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - SNAKE PIT MGP/207-495
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Bubo - Underside - MGP207-496 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - BUBO MGP/207-496
Madd Gear PRO Skateboard - Watcher - Underside - MGP207-497 MADD GEAR PRO SKATEBOARD - WATCHER MGP/207-497