Moxi Skate Leash

Moxi roller skates make accessories that keep you rollin’ in style with convenience. The Moxi Skate Leash is the perfect accessory for keeping your skates by your side without a lot of baggage. It's so cute and simple you can take it anywhere. Loop the two ends around a wheel or toe stop, sling 'em over your shoulder and you're off! When your skates are on your feet the Moxi Skate Leash folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.

RRP: £13.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Moxi Roller Skate Leash - Black MOX122556 MOXI SKATE LEASH - BLACK MOX/122556
Moxi Roller Skate Leash - Pink MOX122557 MOXI SKATE LEASH - PINK MOX/122557
Moxi Roller Skate Leash - Rainbow MOX122558 MOXI SKATE LEASH - RAINBOW MOX/122558