Moxi Trick Wheels

Finally! The leopard print Moxi Trick Wheels have arrived and they are great for tricks, park skating or skating ramps and would look amazing on any Moxi skates.

The all new, Trick Wheels from Moxi have been poured using the highest quality urethane available to allow your wheels to withstand the constant wear.

Moxi Trick Wheels, also known as Ramp Wheels or Park Wheels are nice hard wheels with hubs – unlike many park wheels that are hubless. They are small 59mm and rated at a 97a - nice and hard for park skating ensuring plenty of slide on the 20mm contact surface.

Great for intermediate to advanced skaters at the skate park.

Let's tear it up already!

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Moxi Roller Skate Street Wheels - Leopard - Angled - MOX122931 MOXI TRICK WHEELS (4) - CREAM / TAN 55mm/97A MOX/122931
Moxi Roller Skate Trick Wheels - Lime - Angled - MOX123007 MOXI TRICK WHEELS (4) - LIME GREEN 59mm/97A MOX/123007