Orangatang Cage CentreSet Wheels 73mm

Tall and charming,

RRP: £49.99


  • 41.5mm Contact Patch
  • PeachyThane Formula


Size: 73mm
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Centre Set


  • 80a: Orange
  • 83a: Purple
  • 86a: Yellow

The Cage holds it together with an air of calm and collected charisma… but is always prepared to lose its s$&t and get wild. The Cage wheel is here to deliver when the script calls for inordinate momentum, firm yet pliable grip, and high-speed slides. Step away from the bike… and get your downhill fix on four wheels with a new supportive core that gives a very fast roll speed, consistent slides and a super smooth ride.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Cage Orange 73mm 80a ORANGATANG "CAGE" ORANGE 73mm 80a (Set 4) OR/CA/7380
Cage Purple 73mm 83a ORANGATANG "CAGE" PURPLE 73mm 83a (Set 4) OR/CA/7383
Cage Yellow 73mm 86a ORANGATANG "CAGE" YELLOW 73mm 86a (Set 4) OR/CA/7386