Orangatang Caguama Wheels 85mm

The all new Orangatang 85mm Caguama wheels have a voluptuous urethane, that's proportionate in all the right places!


  • 56mm Contact Patch (55mm on the Blue 77a wheels)
  • Happy-Thane Urethane Formula


Size: 85mm (D) x 58.5mm (W)
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Off-Set and High Strength


  • 77a: Blue - Smoothest, Fluffiest and Grippiest
  • 80a: Orange - Soft and Grippy
  • 83a: Purple - Fast and Slidey

The hatching of the new 85mm Caguama longboard wheel from Orangatang took many years - testing and retesting to find the best urethane compound for commuting, carving and long-distance skating.

Orangatang decided that their proprietary 'Happy Thane' formula was perfect to pair with a larger, more supportive core. The Caguama has the same deep 'valley' shape cross section as the popular Orangatang Kegel wheels to keep weight to a minimum.

Softer, rounded wheel edges help the Caguama wheels to pass smoothly over the pavement cracks and to set the Caguama wheels ahead of the competition, Orangatang have used the latest technologies to 3-dimensionally facet the outer face of the wheel.

In addition to standard longboarding uses, the new Orangatang Caguama wheels are the perfect partner for any electric longboards/skateboards that will accept wheel sizes up to 85mm.

RRP: £74.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Orangatang CAGUAMA Wheels Blue 85mm 77a - Angled - ORCAG8577 ORANGATANG "CAGUAMA" BLUE 85mm 77a (Set 4) OR/CAG/8577
Orangatang CAGUAMA Orange 85mm 80a - Angled Wheel  - ORCAG8580 ORANGATANG "CAGUAMA" ORANGE 85mm 80a (Set 4) OR/CAG/8580
Orangatang CAGUAMA Purple 85mm 83a - Angled Wheel - ORCAG8583 ORANGATANG "CAGUAMA" PURPLE 85mm 83a (Set 4) OR/CAG/8583