Orangatang Durian Wheels 75mm

Designed for Freeriding: Grippy when needed with consistent slide characteristics; a good all round wheel.


  • 45mm Contact patch
  • Happy urethane


Size: 75mm
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Off Set


  • 80a: Orange - Buttery and cushy
  • 83a: Purple - Slidey and grippy
  • 86a: Yellow - Nice and slidey

With the large contact patch and rounded edges the Orangatang Durian wheels are good for freeriding and have an extremely long life. The predictability and great wear pattern make these Durian wheels a great overall choice for anyone who likes to slide.

RRP: £59.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Durian Orange 75mm 80a ORANGATANG "DURIAN" ORANGE 75mm 80a (Set 4) LCSW106B
Durian Purple 75mm 83a ORANGATANG "DURIAN" PURPLE 75mm 83a (Set 4) LCSW106
Durian Yellow 75mm 86a ORANGATANG "DURIAN" YELLOW 75mm 86a (Set 4) LCSW106A