Orangatang In Heat 75mm

Designed for speedboarding, carving, slalom and commuting.


  • 56mm Contact Patch
  • Happy Urethane


Size: 75mm
Edge: Square
Hub: Off set


  • 77a: Blue - Smoothest, Fluffiest and Grippiest
  • 80a: Orange - Soft and Grippy
  • 83a: Purple - Fast and Slidey
  • 86a: Yellow - Harder, Faster, Slidier

In Heat wheels from Orangatang are top quality racing wheels and feature a ribbed gradient towards the core of the wheel. With different levels of density comes more grip, more consistency in slides and a more even wear pattern to accompany the super smooth and superfast roll. To further prove their credentials as one of the best wheels out there, a number of big name, pro riders use these very wheels - so you know they're good!

RRP: £59.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Orangatang In-Heat Blue 75mm 77a - Angled - ORIN7577 ORANGATANG "IN HEAT" BLUE 75mm 77a (Set 4) OR/IH/7577
InHeat Orange 75mm 80a ORANGATANG "IN HEAT" ORANGE 75mm 80a (Set 4) LCSW102
InHeat Purple 75mm 83a ORANGATANG "IN HEAT" PURPLE 75mm 83a (Set 4) LCSW104
InHeat Yellow 75mm 86a ORANGATANG "IN HEAT" YELLOW 75mm 86a (Set 4) LCSW102A