Orangatang Kegel Wheels 80mm

The Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamroller action and the obliteration of a variety of small mammals.


  • 56mm Contact Patch
  • Happy Urethane


Size: 80mm
Edge: Square
Hub: Off Set

The Kegel's capabilities are unmatched in terms of high speed and durability. The big 80mm diameter gives high speed rolls and the 56mm contact patch provides stability and versatility for traction and slide response. With the ability to cater for downhill riders thanks to the "valley" shaped cross section reducing weight the Orangatang Kegel is sure to be a firm favourite.

The Kegel is poured in the Happy urethane formula. Tested and proven over the years in our 75mm In Heat and 70mm 4President race wheels, Happy thane has the ideal blend of grip, buttery slide consistency, and vibration damping for controllable and intuitive downhill performance.

RRP: £64.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Orangatang KEGAL Wheels Blue 80mm 77a - Angled - ORKE8077 ORANGATANG "KEGEL" BLUE 80mm 77a (Set 4) OR/KE/8077
Kegel Orange 80mm 80a ORANGATANG "KEGEL" ORANGE 80mm 80a (Set 4) OR/KE/8080
Kegel Purple 80mm 83a ORANGATANG "KEGEL" PURPLE 80mm 83a (Set 4) OR/KE/8083
Orangatang HARFANG Kegal Orange 80mm 80a - Wheel Face - ORKEHA8080 ORANGATANG "HARFANG KEGEL" ORANGE 80mm 80a (Set 4) OR/KEHA/8080
Orangatang HARFANG Kegal Purple 80mm 83a - Wheel Face - ORKEHA8083 ORANGATANG "HARFANG KEGEL" PURPLE 80mm 83a (Set 4) OR/KEHA/8083