Orangatang Kilmer CentreSet Wheels 69mm

An ace at both supersonic speeds and tight, hairpin-riddled dogfights.

RRP: £44.99


  • 39.5mm Contact Patch
  • PeachyThane Formula


Size: 69mm
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Centre Set


  • 80a: Orange
  • 83a: Purple
  • 86a: Yellow

The Kilmer keeps it cool like ice in any freeride-focused mission and with the centre set core supporting the Peachythane formula wheels from Orangatang the Kilmer is the star student with a size and personality that everyone can love. Just say, "You can be my wingman anytime." Come on, baby, bite my wire.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Kilmer Orange 69mm 80a ORANGATANG "KILMER" ORANGE 69mm 80a (Set 4) OR/KI/6980
Kilmer Yellow 69mm 86a ORANGATANG "KILMER" YELLOW 69mm 86a (Set 4) OR/KI/6986