Orangatang Moronga Wheels 72.5mm

The freerider's dream wheel!

RRP: £49.99


  • 35mm Contact Patch
  • Euphorethane Formula


Size: 72.5mm
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Centre Set


  • 80a: Orange
  • 83a: Purple
  • 85a Yellow

With every aspect of the Moronga wheel from Orangatang it is clear that it has been done with a purpose. The slim, lightweight Euphorethane, centre set wheels have been designed with all the characteristics of Orangatang's original Happy Thane formula, but will last way longer and when they do begin to cone, just flip them and get double the life out of them!

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Moronga 72_5mm 80a ORANGATANG "MORONGA" ORANGE 72.5mm 80a (Set 4) LCSW101B
Moronga 72_5mm 83a ORANGATANG "MORONGA" PURPLE 72.5mm 83a (Set 4) LCSW101
Moronga 72_5mm 86a ORANGATANG "MORONGA" YELLOW 72.5mm 86a (Set 4) LCSW101A