Orangatang Stimulus Wheels 70mm

Designed for Freeriding: Grippy when needed with consistent slide characteristics; a good all round wheel.


  • 42mm Contact patch
  • Happy urethane


Size: 70mm
Edge: Rounded
Hub: Off Set


  • 77a: Blue - Smoothest, Fluffiest and Grippiest
  • 80a: Orange - Soft and Grippy
  • 83a: Purple - Fast and Slidey
  • 86a: Yellow - Harder, Faster, Slidier

The Orangatang Stimulus wheels feature an offset design and a relatively wide contact patch for grip. Rounder inner and outer lips with stiff flex for clean slide initiation and smooth, chatter-free slides. Stone ground surface for consistent slides out of the box and more consistent wear over the life of the wheel.

RRP: £57.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Orangatang Stimulus Blue 70mm 77a - Angled - ORST7077 ORANGATANG "STIMULUS" BLUE 70mm 77a (Set 4) OR/ST/7077
Stimulus Orange 70mm 80a ORANGATANG "STIMULUS" ORANGE 70mm 80a (Set 4) LCSW107B
Stimulus Purple 70mm 83a ORANGATANG "STIMULUS" PURPLE 70mm 83a (Set 4) LCSW107
Stimulus Yellow 70mm 86a ORANGATANG "STIMULUS" YELLOW 70mm 86a (Set 4) LCSW107A