Radar PRESTO Wheels

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The Radar Presto offers the previously unattainable combination of lightness, speed, grip and controlled stops in three different size variations;

  • 59mm x 38mm Neothane Urethane with new Tiger two-piece dynamic core hub in black.
  • 62mm x 38mm Neothane Urethane with new Tiger two-piece dynamic core hub in white.
  • NEW 62mm x 44mm Neothane Urethane with new Tiger two-piece dynamic core hub.

Introducing the Presto! Featuring the all-new Tiger 2 piece Dynamic Core hub and Neothane urethane, the Presto sets a new standard for performance. Instead of having a single hollow cavity, the Tiger has channels, which offer support to every part of the wheel’s surface while keeping it extremely light. The result is a fast and aggressive ride.

'They certainly live up to their reputation.' is what Manchester Roller Derby and Team England Skater Vic Tori Bee has said about the Radar Presto wheels, 'since using the Presto wheels I've recommended them because they're really great! I fell in love with these by the end of the session.'

All sizes are available in five hardnesses;

  • 88A - Highlighter Turquoise
  • 91A - Highlighter Yellow
  • 93A - Highlighter Red
  • 95A - Highlighter Blue
  • 97A - Highlighter Purple

RRP: £59.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Blue 59 x 38mm 95a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/BLUE - 59mm/95a RW/RPR59/GBL
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Green 59 x 38mm 99a Profile RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/GREEN - 59mm/99A RW/RPR59/GGN
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Purple 59 x 38mm 97a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/PURPLE - 59mm/97a RW/RPR59/GPU
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Red 59 x 38mm 93a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/RED - 59mm/93a RW/RPR59/GRE
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Turquoise 59 x 38mm 88a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/TURQUOISE - 59mm/88a RW/RPR59/GTU
Radar Wheels Presto Highlighter Yellow 59 x 38mm 91a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO 59 - GREY/YELLOW - 59mm/91a RW/RPR59/GYE
Radar Wheels Presto Wide Blue 62 x 44mm 95a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO WIDE - GREY/BLUE - 62x44mm/95a RW/RPR62W/GBL
Radar Wheels Presto Wide Purple 62 x 44mm 97a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO WIDE - GREY/PURPLE - 62x44mm/97a RW/RPR62W/GPU
Radar Wheels Presto Wide Red 62 x 44mm 93a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO WIDE - GREY/RED - 62x44mm/93a RW/RPR62W/GRE
Radar Wheels Presto Wide Turquoise 62 x 44mm 88a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO WIDE - GREY/TURQ 62x44mm/88a RW/RPR62W/GTU
Radar Wheels Presto Wide Yellow 62 x 44mm 91a RADAR WHEELS (4) - PRESTO WIDE - GREY/YELLOW - 62x44mm/91a RW/RPR62W/GYE