Restless Decks

To allow riders to live a one of a kind experience Restless boards put a lot of emphasis on three aspects;


Restless boards promote the use of local materials and strive to produce boards using sustainable methods. 100% hard Canadian maple is the wood of choice for Restless boards and to help local economies even further, they design and produce their boards in North America.


Both riders and engineers work in harmony to improve and innovate their boards. Continuous testing and redesigning both on and off the race track help Restless boards to push the limits of longboarding.


Restless view their boards as "rolling canvases", meaning that compromising on design and quality is NOT an option. Restless longboards work in collaboration with local artists for the designs on their boards and set new standards for the industry.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Restless Boards - NKD 15 Deck - Underside - RESDNKD Angled RESTLESS NKD '15 DECK - 35" x 9.25" RES/D/NKD
Restless Boards - Rocksteady Brawlers 15 Deck - US - RESDRSBR An RESTLESS ROCKSTEADY BRAWLERS '15 DECK - 30.5" x 8.75" RES/D/RSBR
Restless Boards - Rocksteady Slashers 15 Deck - US - RESDRSSL An RESTLESS ROCKSTEADY SLASHERS '15 DECK - 30.5" x 8.75" RES/D/RSSL
Restless Boards - Splinter Series BUST 35in Deck - RESDSSB35 Ang RESTLESS SPLINTER SERIES BUST '15 DECK - 35" x 9.5" RES/D/SSB35
Restless Boards - Splinter Series CREST 35in Deck - RESDSSC35 An RESTLESS SPLINTER SERIES CREST '15 DECK - 35" x 9.5" RES/D/SSC35
Restless Boards - WIM 15 Deck - Underside - RESDWIM Angled RESTLESS WIM '15 DECK - 35" x 9.25" RES/D/WIM