Restless Wheels

The passion behind Restless longboards is evident, from the founders to the riders, the one goal that they set out to achieve is to allow riders to live a one of a kind experience.

Learning from the beat up wheels they used on the night Restless boards were founded back in 2000, they have created a selection of wheels specifically for their boards.

Whether it's the Helion series for grip in tight turns, the Grindhouse for freeriding or tech sliding using the Mega Mini, Rad Rabbit and Slide, the guys at Restless have it covered.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Restless Wheels - Grindhouse - 66mm 78a White - RESWGH6678 RESTLESS GRINDHOUSE WHEELS (4) WHITE - 66mm/78a RES/W/GH6678
Restless Wheels - Grindhouse - 66mm 82a Black - RESWGH6682 RESTLESS GRINDHOUSE WHEELS (4) BLACK - 66mm/82a RES/W/GH6682
Restless Wheels - Grindhouse - 70mm 78a White - RESWGH7078 RESTLESS GRINDHOUSE WHEELS (4) WHITE - 70mm/78a RES/W/GH7078
Restless Wheels - Grindhouse - 70mm 82a Black - RESWGH7082 RESTLESS GRINDHOUSE WHEELS (4) BLACK - 70mm/82a RES/W/GH7082
Restless Wheels - Helion - 66mm 78a Yellow - RESWHE6678 RESTLESS HELION WHEELS (4) YELLOW - 66mm/78a RES/W/HE6678
Restless Wheels - Helion - 66mm 82a Blue - RESWHE6682 RESTLESS HELION WHEELS (4) BLUE - 66mm/82a RES/W/HE6682
Restless Wheels - Helion - 70mm 82a Black - RESWHE7082 RESTLESS HELION WHEELS (4) BLACK - 70mm/82a RES/W/HE7082
Restless Wheels - Mega Minis - 59mm 78a Purple - RESWMM5978 RESTLESS MEGA MINI WHEELS (4) PURPLE - 59mm/78a RES/W/MM5978