Retro Reflex FreeRides


  • 32mm contact patch
  • Good all-round wheel


Size: 72mm
Edge: Round
Hub: Off Set

The latest addition to the Retro range is the Reflex Freerides. These fast, smootha nd predictably drifty wheels are perfect all round wheels for carving, cruising, sliding and downhill.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Retro FreeRides Lime 72mm 80a RETRO - REFLEX FREERIDES - LIME - 72/80A - Set 4 RW/FR/F7280
Retro FreeRides Lemon 72mm 83a RETRO - REFLEX FREERIDES - LEMON - 72/83A - Set 4 RW/FR/F7283
Retro FreeRides Orange 72mm 86a RETRO - REFLEX FREERIDES - ORANGE - 72/86A - Set 4 RW/FR/F7286
Retro FreeRides Orange Plus 72mm 89a RETRO - REFLEX FREERIDES - ORANGE PLUS - 72/89A - Set 4 RW/FR/F7289