Riedell Artistic Skates

The artistic skates offered by Riedell are everything that you would expect them to be. Comfortable, stylish and functional.

Each skate within the artistic range from Riedell has been designed to enhance your skills and make your floor time more enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned professional or lacing up your skates for the first time, there is a skate that is perfect for you.

The Riedell Angel skate is a great choice if you're lacing up for the first time. It is paired with lightweight and durable components. This will help your confidence grow every time you lace up your skates.

Further up the range of artistic skates offered by Riedell are models such as the Epic, Espree and Legacy, the likes of which are worn by the very best professional skaters. Due to their high price tag and exceptional fit, it is recommended that you contact a local dealer for fitting/sizing advice.