Riedell Low Cut Skate Boots

If you're looking for the best roller skate boots available, Riedell have the one for you. With over 70 years experience in the roller skating business, Riedell have come to know what makes a good roller skate boot.

Your style of skating decides the style and fit of skate boot that you need. The classic, high top boots are usually seen on artistic, rhythm and outdoor skates. Low cut boots are more suited to derby, jam and speed skating.

Riedell have developed their boot range over the years in line with skater requirements. This includes the addition of bigger sizes (US14, US15 and US16 depending on boot) and more width options.

The expansion of the Riedell product portfolio has been so vast, that we are now unable to carry the full range of boots in full size runs and width options.

Due to the fantastic relationship that J & R Sports have with Riedell, we are able to place weekly orders with them directly. This allows us to order and receive items which are out of stock at our warehouse, within 2-3 weeks depending on availability with Riedell.

Custom skate orders such ColorLab orders, Vegan orders or skates with two different size boots (yes - this is possible!) are usually available within 4-6 weeks.

If you have an enquiry for a specific boot/skate that we do not have in stock, please get in touch with us and we will happily check the availability for you.