Seba Bags

Getting to and from the skatepark with all your gear isn't easy, so Seba have a wide selection of backpacks available to make your trip that little bit easier!

Not only are there a variety of different colour backpacks available, the Seba backpacks are also available in a number of different sizes.

All Seba backpacks are manufactured using only the best and most durable nylon materials available. This is to ensure that the high levels of quality expected by Seba are met.

All backpacks have wide, padded straps for even weight distribution. There are also accessory loops and zippered pockets to keep your belongings safe.

Capacity RRP:
X-Small Backpack 8L £29.95
Small Backpack 14L £89.95
Large Backpack 17L £99.95
Small Trolley Bag 25L £89.95
Large Trolley Bag 48L £119.95