Seba Custom Kits

Skating is a way to express your style and personality - so what better way to do that than with the Seba Custom Kits?

Seba Custom Kits are a fun and inexpensive way of customising your inline skates. Not everyone's style of skating is the same, so why should your skates?

All Custom Kits come packaged in a Seba branded, clear plastic zip bag with carry strap - perfect for keeping all your parts together.

Please note: There are a variety of colours available for the Custom Kits, in different sizes (one size DOES NOT fit all) and all are model specific. Please ensure that you order the correct colour/size/model as J & R Sports will not accept returns for this reason.

Sold as a pair, each colour kit includes;

  • Cuffs including fixings
  • Buckles (pre-fitted to cuff)
  • Powerstraps
  • Abrasive pads (were fitted)
  • Laces

Seba Trix Custom Kit RRP: £12.95

Seba High Custom Kit RRP: £39.95

Seba FR Custom Kit RRP: £39.95