Seba Frames

Whether you're building up a custom skate, or upgrading components on your current setup, Seba frames are the perfect place to start.

As Seba is a skater owned brand, they understand the need for high quality, performance products. With this in mind, only the finest materials are used to make the Seba inline skate frames.

Inline skating has progressed massively in recent years. This has lead seba to create a range of inline skate frames to suit all skaters.

There are usually two styles of wheel setup for inline skate frames. Straight or 'flat' frames, where all wheels are set on the same level, and rockered. The rockered inline skate setup is sometimes known as the 'banana' setup. This is when the two middle or the front and back wheels are positioned at a slightly different level to allow the skater more manoeuvrability.

Please note: Some frame options have more than one colour/size available. Please ensure you select the correct option as J & R Sports will not accept returns for this reason.