Seba TRIX 80 Black / Black In-Line Skates


The Trix Skates are one of Seba's top models!

The Trix 80 Skates from Seba have a carbon shell and a set of super-light Deluxe V2 Rockered Frames, helping to make them one of the lightest Skates that Seba have ever produced! Known for its control and manoeuvrability, the Trix 80's are one of the best skates for slalom skating!


  • Liners: Integrated Liners with Premium Insoles
  • Shells: Carbon and Fiberglass
  • Frames: Deluxe V2 Rockered Frames
  • Wheels: Seba Street Invaders, 80mm 84a
  • Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Pro
  • Use: Freestyle, Grand Tourism, Fitness and City Skating

RRP: £479.95