Sonar NINJA Wheels

The new Sonar Ninja Wheel line features six wheels in two size categories to please a wide variety of skaters. Sonar Ninja Wheels are high performance aluminium hub wheels at a nice price. Sonar’s new precision aluminium anodized hubs offer excellent stiffness, response, and curb appeal with customer friendly bearing fit. The urethane breaks in quickly, offers excellent feel and eye-catching colour. The wider profile of the Ninja Speed offers more stability.

Speed Specification:

  • Size: 43 x 62mm
  • Colours/Hardness: Red 90A, Purple 92A, Black 94A
  • Hub: Solid Aluminium
  • Category: Indoor Performance
  • Skating Style: Jam, Session, Speed

Agile Specification:

  • Size: 38 x 59mm
  • Colours/Hardness: Teal 88A, Pink 91A, Blue 93A
  • Hub: Solid Aluminium
  • Category: Indoor Performance
  • Skating Style: Derby, Jam, Session, Speed

Sold in packs of four wheels. To order a full set of wheels, be sure to set your quantity to two.

RRP: £62.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Agile - Blue 59x38 93a - Angled - RWSWNABL SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA AGILE - BLUE - 59x38mm/93a RW/SW/NABL
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Agile - Pink 59x38 91a - Angled - RWSWNAPK SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA AGILE - PINK - 59x38mm/91a RW/SW/NAPK
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Agile - Teal 59x38 88a - Angled - RWSWNATE SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA AGILE - TEAL - 59x38mm/88a RW/SW/NATE
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Speed - Black 62x43 94a - Angled - RWSWNSBK SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA SPEED - BLACK - 62x43mm/94a RW/SW/NSBK
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Speed - Purple 62x43 92a - Angle - RWSWNSPU SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA SPEED - PURPLE - 62x43mm/92a RW/SW/NSPU
Sonar Wheels - Ninja Speed - Red 62x43 90a - Angled - RWSWNSRE SONAR WHEELS (4) NINJA SPEED - RED - 62x43mm/90a RW/SW/NSRE