FR U-FR Diako Diaby Street Skates


This new release of the U-FR Street collection was designed in collaboration with Diako Diaby to reflect his personality and share his positive vibes.

Diako is world-famous and globally recognized for his incredible air tricks, unique killer style, and consistently good mood. He is the ultimate showman: a current member of Cirque Du Soleil’s “The Beatles” show, a winner of the FISE World Series, and many other major events. His videos have reached millions of views on social media.

Diako’s U-FR Street pro model marks his contribution to promoting inline skating worldwide. The U-FR Diako Diaby is equipped with the brand new FR x Oysi 4x60mm Street frame, U-FR liner, extremely strong FR-Twincam MW9 bearings, and DD Round wheels (88A).

Like all other models in the UFR range, they are compatible with multiple FR and UFS frame options to suit your preferred riding style!


Boot: Black Shell with Black Soulplate
Frame Mounting System: UFS (Universal Frame System)
Liner: Removable U-FR Liners and Premium Insoles
Frame: FR x Oysi - UFS Street Frames (241 / 260 / 275mm) 4 x 60mm White Flat Frames
Wheels: FR Round DD 60mm / 88a
Bearings: Twincam MW9 Bearings
Colour: Diako Diaby Signature
Use: Street, Park

RRP: £249.95