FR U-FR Street Skates


The U-FR Street model is the next step up in the U-FR collection.

The U-FR boot is paired with the brand new FR x Oysi 4 x 60mm frame, making it ideal for a technical and fluid ride.

With a softer cuff, this boot is perfect for riding with flexibility and style. While the skate is designed to fit any skater, the high-quality components are built to endure extreme use.

The U-FR Street is not just for everyone but also for every type of ride, as it is customisable for any kind of discipline thanks to the wide range of FR - UFS frames and parts available.


Boot: Black Shell with White Soulplate
Frame Mounting System: UFS (Universal Frame System)
Liner: Removable Liners and Premium Insoles
Frame: FR x Oysi - UFS Street Frames (241 / 260 / 275mm) 4 x 60mm White Flat Frames
Wheels: FR Round White 60mm / 88a
Bearings: Twincam MW9 Bearings
Colour: Black
Use: Street, Park

RRP: £209.95