OYSI U-FR Street Frames - White


Magic under the U-FR boots!

The FR SKATES UFS Street Frame designed by Oysi is intended to ride flat, using 4x60mm wheels.

Predicated on Oysi chassis geometries the FR UFS Street Frame offers a generous, refined out-of-the-box groove centered between a middle wheel split of 115mm while providing a lower ride height within a compact form and slim profile.

Specific consideration for anti-rocker skating is also incorporated with use of maximum 62mm outer wheels but allowing up to 65mm outer wheels on 241 when used on FR soul plates thanks to the outer wheel recess or 72mm on 260 and 275. (60mm maximum inner wheel diameter)

Designed by Oysi in Los Angeles. (Sold in Pairs.)

Available in three wheelbase lengths:

  • 241mm (232g)
  • 260mm (252g)
  • 275mm (272g)

What's in the Box:

  • 8 x Standard 8mm Axles
  • 16 x Metal Sidewall spacers
  • 4 x UFS Fastener (14mm length)
  • 4 x UFS Fastener (18mm length)

RRP = £49.95