Our Xcess skate range offers a wide variety of price point and high specification In - Line skates for all levels of skater from junior / beginner through to the more proficient dedicated senior skater.

All models within the range are of an extremely high quality from one of the finest manufacturers of skates in the world, and as one customer recently commented “The Xcess Range is excellent value for money and in all the years I’ve sold them not one pair has ever been returned faulty which is a credit to the brand and the quality of their skates”.

The Xcess name has been renowned for producing quality skates for over 10 years and over the last couple of years the brand has developed and produced some of the best ice skates available today. The success of their ice range has led to the range being more than doubled in size over the last couple of years to keep Xcess as the leader in quality, specification, price pointed, skates with the brand name you can trust.