Xcess Ice Skate Guards

The Xcess Ice Skate Guards are an essential part of your skating equipment.

Blades can instantly get damaged when you step off the ice onto a hard concrete or wood floor with your skates, rendering them dull or causing nicks in the edges of the blades. It’s important to keep the blades of your ice skates covered when not on the ice to prolong the life of the blade.

The Xcess Ice Skate Guards are made from high quality durable materials in a range of finishes and colours. Choose from our Pearl, Glitter, Marble or Fluorescent blade covers and make your skates stand out when you stand off the rink.

The adjustable blade guards come in one size and will fit most figure skate blades from sizes EU 30-47. Each blade cover comes in 2 halves with metal springs and crosshead screws and are super easy to assemble. There are 6 hole positions in each blade half, so the spring can be perfectly positioned to suit the size of your skates. For smaller sizes you may need to trim the guard to match the blade size.


  • Made from durable EVA / PVC material
  • Adjustable from sizes EU 30 to 47
  • Easy to fit and step into
  • Cold Resistant
  • Drain holes to eliminate excess moisture
  • Length - 32cm
  • Weight – 230g
  • Available in Pearl, Glitter, Marble and Fluorescent finishes.

RRP: £5.95 to £8.95