GumBall Toe Stops

The #1 Toe Stop in Roller Derby

Gumball Original Toe Stops don't come shaped or pre-flattened, so there is no need to change your natural stopping position - you tell it how you want it to be and are the only toe stops designed for the sport of Roller Derby as they provide the durability necessary for quick stops and fast starts.

In the five years since the Original Gumball was released, demand and skating styles have changed, which has lead to the development of the Gumball V2 and the Superball.

The #1 toe stop in Roller Derby has been revamped and the V2 Gumball now features a flat, angled surface. This gives the skater a larger surface area and therefore more grip when pushing off.

The Superball toe stop features the same ground breaking technology as we saw with the Reckless Morph wheels by utilising two different rubber hardnesses! The main surface of the Superball has been crafted with a harder rubber compound to allow for more gliding and the softer 'inner pads' are designed to bring you to an immediate stop.

The all natural, uncoloured rubber compound in Gumball Toe Stops is guaranteed not to pop off as the head of the lightweight aluminium stem is wider than standard heads and also comes in two lengths.

Suitable for use on wood, sports tile, polished and unpolished concrete to name a few, these Gumball Toe Stops provide you with the ultimate in stopping power and durability. With so many industry firsts and game changing designs, there's a reason that Gumball Toe Stops are the best selling toe stops in Roller Derby.

Gumball V2 Gumball Superball
Mini/Short 17mm Yes Yes
Standard 30mm Yes Yes
Coloured Stem Yes Yes
RRP: £24.95 £29.95
Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Gumball Superball Toe Stops - Image 6 - GMGB122894 GUMBALL SUPERBALL TOE STOP - NATURAL. SHORT 17mm (Pair) GM/GB/122895
Gumball Superball Toe Stops - Image 2 - GMGB122894 GUMBALL SUPERBALL TOE STOP - NATURAL. LONG 30mm (Pair) GM/GB/122894
Gumball Toe Stops - Coloured Short - GMGB122907 GUMBALL TOE STOP V2.0 - NATURAL - SHORT 17mm GM/GB/122908
Gumball Toe Stops - Coloured Long - GMGB122907 GUMBALL TOE STOP V2.0 - NATURAL - LONG 30mm GM/GB/122907