NOTE: Current Stock does NOT have Coloured Stems

Gumball® Toe Stops offer the ultimate stopping power, giving you the best control for your skating.

Different surfaces? No problem. Gumball Toe Stops feature a proprietary rubber blend and classic Gumball shape making them perfect for indoor, outdoor, roller rinks, skate parks, concrete, wood, sports tile, and masonry. Available in an array of fun colours, different hardnesses, and two stem lengths, there is a Gumball Toe Stop for every skater.


  • For all types of skating
  • Proprietary rubber blend makes the toe stop great for all surfaces.
  • Big, long-lasting flat stopping surface
  • Available in two hardnesses, 75A for better control and 83A that offers better wear properties for outdoor and park skaters
  • Standard Length (30mm) – Good for skaters wanting quick access to the awesome stopping power of the Gumball.
  • Short Length (18mm) – Good for skaters looking for more clearance for tricks and dance skating.
Colour Hardness Stem Length
Natural 75A Both
Cherry 75A Standard
Lime 75A Standard
Lemon 75A Short
Grape 83A Standard
Watermelon 83A Standard
Mint 83A Short

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