Harsh PRO EPS Helmets

The Harsh HX1 helmet is the answer for riders who want a super light and low profile helmet.

The Harsh HX1 is up to 50% lighter than traditional ABS outer shell helmets thanks to the unique and industry leading 'overmold' technology which puts this helmet heads (and shoulders) above the rest!

This helmet comes in some bright, eye-catching colours, but its use of the "overmold" technology is really what makes this helmet stand out from the rest. Traditional helmets are made in two parts and the EPS foam is then attached to the plastic mold in a separate process. With the "overmold" technology the helmet shell and EPS foam that is injected into the mold, gives no gaps, no deterioration and a phenomenal weight reduction of up to 50% versus traditional helmets weighing in at no more than 300 grams puts this up their with high end bicycle helmets.

Harsh helmets feature industry leading technology, a sleek low profile design to protect the most vulnerable parts of your head (notably the bottom of your skull), as well as multi-directional venting which will keep your head cool no matter which way you are riding.

MGP Team Riders, Terry Price and Mr Ryan "World First" Williams are also sponsored by Harsh. RWilly can be seen rocking the Harsh HX1 in this Promotional Video.

Jenna Downing - professional in-line skater, X-Games Silver Medallist and 10x British In-Line Skating Champion is also sponsored by Harsh and can be seen showing off her HX1 helmet over on the Harsh Facebook Page.

The latest addition to the Harsh sponsorship line up is Manchester Roller Derby and Team England Skater, Vic Tori Bee. Having recently received her Harsh HX1 Helmet Vic Tori Bee got in touch and said 'I absolutely love the helmet! It's so super light weight, when people hold it they always mention how light it feels. Comfy, stays put, feels lighter and cooler.'

For the first time J & R Sports have a colour specific Rental Helmet available to purchase. We do require the rental agreement to be completed and returned to us for our records.


  • Globally certified
  • Airflow optimised venting with internal venting channels
  • Durable overmold construction
  • Signature embossed Harsh logo
  • Lightweight and low profile design

    Size Weight
    XS 48-50cm 220 grams
    S 51-55cm 220 grams
    M 55-58cm 300 grams
    L 58-62cm 300 grams

RRP: £28.95