Khiro Bearings


The full line of Khiro Nitro Bearings were designed specifically with skateboarders in mind. Skateboard bearings have to be designed and made to withstand extreme torsional loads caused by high speed directional changes, massive shocks die to hard landings and impacts from gaps or rail stunts and more.

All NITRO’s are explosively fast and come in 3 different Abec ratings, with 3 different ball bearing cages for optimum performance in different situations and load capacities.

  • The NITRO Abec 3 Line; The DC, BC and SC 3’s were designed for the roughest and hardest riders who need a bearing that will withstand the largest ollies, sickest blunts, fastest grinds and just about anything the street environment can dish out.

  • The NITRO Abec 5 Line; The DC, BC and SC 5’s were designed for the toughest ams and pros alike, riders who manoeuvre under extreme critical conditions. After thousands of hours research in street on vert and racing these bearings are the result of those efforts - fast & durable.

  • The NITRO Abec 7 Line; The DC, BC and SC 7’s were designed for the Worlds Top Pros and those who dish out a beating like them! These are for those riders who ride hard and fast and don’t let up. NITRO 7’s speed design is so far beyond all of the other bearing designs in existence today, that its not an option to ride anything else once you have experienced the explosive force & speed of the NITRO Force! NITRO 7’s are also available with removable cages.

“DC” stands for Derlin Cage, “BC” is Brass Cage and “SC” is the toughest of the 3 the Burly Strong Steel Cage!

Bearing RRPs from: £19.95 - £27.95 depending on model

Spacer RRPs from: £5.95 - £6.95 depending on size

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Single-Tube-of-Bearings NITRO BEARINGS - 3'S STEEL SEALED (8pcs/tube) KSP-018-1002
Single-Tube-of-Bearings NITRO BEARINGS - 5'S STEEL SEALED (8pcs/tube) KSP-018-1005
Single-Tube-of-Bearings NITRO BEARINGS - 7'S STEEL SEALED (8pcs/tube) KSP-018-1008
KHIRO ALU BEARING SPACERS - 10 x 10mm (Set of 4) KSP-018-080
10mm-Bearing-Spacer-018-088 KHIRO ALU BEARING SPACERS - 8 x 10mm (Set of 4) KSP-018-088