Khiro Hardcore Hardware

Khiro now have a solution to every Hardware problem and have created 4 new Hardcore Hardware kits to suit every skateboarders need.

For years, Khiro have heard from skaters all over the world about the on going problem of finding hardware that is tough, easy to mount, and most of all - available in every size for every board, riser, and truck combo.

All Khiro Hardcore Hardware comes in kits or sold separately in individual packages. Each Hardcore Hardware Kit is a durable snap-lock see thru case to take on the road or in your skate bag.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Top-&-Bottom-Cup-Washers-01 KHIRO TOP & BOTTOM CUP WASHERS KSP-018-087
Speed-Rings-018-093 KHIRO SPEED RINGS (8 pcs / pk) KSP-018-093
Locknuts-018-709 KHIRO HARDCORE NYLON LOCK NUT (8 pcs/pk) KSP-018-709
Axle-Locknut-Set-018-717 KHIRO 5/16" AXLE NYLON LOCK NUT ZINC (4pcs / pk) KSP-018-717
NutBuster-Skatetool-018-435 KHIRO "NUT BUSTER" SKATE TOOL (2 pcs/pk) KSP-018-435