Khiro KingPin Sets

Khiro are determined to cater to every skateboarders needs and in doing this, they offer replacement king pins in three sizes, as well as offering just the axle nuts if needed.

Made from grade 8 zinc, the Khiro king pins are available in a two pack, complete with the required axle nuts and are perfect replacements for skateboard trucks without breaking the bank.

Prices start from: £2.49 - £4.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Diamond-KingPin-Set-2_0-inc KHIRO DIAMOND KINGPIN SET 2" - GRADE 8 ZINC KSP-018-715
KingPin-Locknut-Set-018-718 KHIRO DIAMOND KINGPIN NYLON LOCK NUT (4pcs/pk) KSP-018-718
Diamond-KingPin-Set-3-inch- KHIRO DIAMOND KINGPIN SET 3" - GRADE 8 ZINC KSP-018-765
Diamond-KingPin-Set-2_5-inc KHIRO DIAMOND KINGPIN SET 2.5" - GRADE 8 ZINC KSP-018-767