Loaded Decks

The Vision; Having experienced the soulful beauty of riding, Loaded are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides they can and they stand behind every board they build.

Loaded's Design Philosophy is Simple; Engineer the boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system. Form follows function, Loaded hope that while the boards are attractive, they are designed to ride.

Camber & Flex; The camber between the trucks is a large part of the locomotion of the board, high rebound bushings or springs in the trucks, as well as the side to side movement of high rebound wheels contribute as well and should be used in conjunction for maximum effect. Pre-cambering the board results in a specific amount of potential energy imbedded in the board. Flattening out the camber when standing on the board implies that pressure equal to rider weight is pressing back up. In technical terms, the board at this point is dynamically loaded.

After extensive testing of various woods, the quest for the perfect material has led to Bamboo. Loaded are excited to us Bamboo as the core material as Bamboo enhances the energy retention and rebound of the boards making them even more Loaded. The boards are stronger, lighter and more durable. Further, since Bamboo is a grass, it is a more renewable resource, growing 10 times quicker than Oak. Bamboo continues growing after being cut – leading to less environmental damage due to quicker re-growth.

Hands down, it's more fun to ride on grass