Loaded Ceviche Bamboo Decks


The Fish is dead.

Long live the Ceviche!

With a built in vert-lam tail and a mellow nose, the Ceviche takes the best aspects of the Fish, dices it up and dishes out something brand new. Similar in length to the Fish, but with a shorter wheelbase, the Ceviche can be ridden between the trucks for pumping or off the tail for an aggressive, surfy feel.


  • Length: 33"
  • Width: 8.75"
  • Wheelbase: 22" or 23" depending on setup
  • Flex: One stiff but snappy flex to keep all riders happy.
  • Trucks: Designed to work with a variety of trucks. We recommend the Randal 150s and 125s, Paris 150s.
  • Wheels: Designed around 70mm or smaller wheels, including Orangatang 4 Presidents.

The tail is a bit softer than a traditional street deck tails, allowing for rebound and responsiveness. While the board can be ollied and lends itself to many standard street skating tricks, tech tricks are not it’s primary intention. Loose and agile, it’s time to explore the limits of your sidewalk and hill thrashing abilities. The Fish graphic was originally designed by Jan Michael Bennett and influenced by ancient Japanese screens. The graphic was redesigned by Pablo and Diana of Nana Studio for the Fish. With the advent of the Ceviche, the graphic was baked into its current form.