Loaded Vanguard 21st Anniversary Limited Edition

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Loaded Vanguard 21st Anniversary Limited Edition - Finally Legally Loaded

This limited-edition run of 250 hand-numbered boards celebrates Loaded’s 21st anniversary with original artwork by Travis Parr. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Center For Humane Technology, which strives to align technology with humanity’s best interests for improved attention, well-being, and communities.

The Loaded Vanguard longboard brings lightweight snowboard-inspired construction and performance to the pavement. Camber, sidecuts, and high-energy flex allow for responsive carving, pumping, and commuting.................. 21 years and still flexing!

Available in a single length and flex (equivalent to a standard Vanguard flex 3).

This limited-edition longboard is available in select shops worldwide. We will not be producing more, so if you want it come and get it. We’ll also be using this launch to celebrate our history, our friends, and our future.

It's Right for You If.........................

  • You're a snowboarder and want to take the powder turns to the streets.
  • You want a roomy, comfortable platform with high-energy flex.
  • You want to ride (or showcase) a piece of history—it's the original Loaded carving system!


  • Length: 38″ / 96.5 cm
  • Width: 8.5″ / 21.6 cm
  • Wheelbase: 31.5″ / 80.0 cm
  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Flexy
  • Weight (deck only): 2.7 lb / 1.2 kg

Flex Recommendations;

  • 140-200+ lb / 64-90+ kg


Functional Design; Tapered tips and pronounced cutouts maximize wheel clearance for deep carves and tight turns. Sidecuts reduce torsional stiffness between the feet for greater nuances in the turning radius. Mild concave provides edge-to-edge control, while the topmount and cambered platform provides energetic carving performance.

Curvaceous Confidence; Lightweight, snowboard-inspired bamboo and fiberglass construction pair with a cambered profile for a lively and engaging ride.

Super SAP; Bio-based epoxy by Entropy Resins. Uses bio-based materials from industrial waste streams such as tree sap to replace petroleum content and reduce the carbon footprint of the epoxy from manufacturing. We've worked closely with Entropy to enhance every major performance characteristic of the resin. Better for the planet, even more fun.

History & Graphic; The initial Vanguard was launched in June of 2002 using snowboard technology with a vertically laminated oak deck and a triaxial fiberglass/epoxy composite construction. Bringing snowboarding to the pavement. We pioneered bamboo composites with the Vanguard in 2006 and transitioned the rest of our lineup to bamboo in 2007. When we launched we originally didn't have much of a graphic because it was technology driven (and also because we didn't have the resources to do art well at that point). In 2004 we launched a graphic version of the board designed by our longtime friend Travis Parr (Travis is a ripping skater, snowboarder and an amazing artist. He's designed a bunch of boards for Victoria Skimboards and is the co-founder and art director for Icelantic Skis). However, the graphics on these boards were very limited by the technology at the time. We're now celebrating our 21-year anniversary with this hand-numbered, limited-edition Vanguard using cutting-edge direct printing technology on bamboo veneers with artwork created from Travis’ original painting.