Loaded Sama Decks


Loaded’s Dervish Sama board - ”Things just got a whole lot better!”

By using bamboo as the material of choice for all the boards from 2006 onwards, doors were opened for Loaded to create a flexy drop-through board. Over the coming years, subtle changes were made to the Dervish but the time came for more significant changes and the Sama was born.


  • Length: 42.8”
  • Width: 9.0”
  • Wheelbase: 31.5”
  • Profile: Drop Through
  • Deck Weight: 1.4 Kg’s
  • Flex 3: 75 - 150+ lbs 35 to 68+ Kg’s
  • Flex 2: 100 - 185+ lbs 45 to 84+ Kg’s
  • Flex 1: 170 - 250+ lbs 75 to 114+ Kg’s

With Loaded's Sama board, the design team faced a unique challenge. They loved how the original Dervish felt, but wanted to enhance the features and increase versatility. After modifications to the width, concave, and thickness of the deck the results were in, and the Sama had a new overall feel when riding. A vertically laminated bamboo core is sandwiched between layers of triaxial fibreglass and a bamboo bottom veneer. The deck is pressed with concave and cambered curvatures to create a lively, responsive ride with high energy return.


Through Width: Many different width and shape options were explored while prototyping the Sama. Using design software and curvature calculations, various different width were extensively tested and subtle changes to the deck shape made when necessary until the deck provided a satisfactory balance of comfort, edge control, and responsiveness.

Concave: The Sama also received a more pronounced concave profile, which is further enhanced by the increased deck width. The result is improved edge feel for turn initiation and extra control while sliding.

Nose & Tail Kicks: To keep up with the current calibre of freestyle riding, the Sama was given the most tasteful of nose-jobs. After testing several new shapes and sizes, Loaded added subtle kicks to increase pop and to lock your feet in. The kicks are reinforced with an extra layer of fibreglass for added stiffness and durability.

GripTape: A six-piece symmetrical griptape pattern was designed with performance and elegance in mind. The two sections at the kicks use an aggressive, rougher-grit grip to provide enhanced control and security for manuals and freestyle tricks. The four middle sections use a milder, finer-grit grip (comparable to street skate grip) to facilitate dancing and footwork manoeuvres. The segmented design yields functional coverage without interfering with the board’s flex pattern.

Camber: The Sama’s versatility lends it to many disciplines, but at its heart lies a deeply rooted passion for carving. The cambered platform and weight-tailored flex pattern work together synergistically to provide a lively, flowing ride.

RRP: £169.95