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Staying true to Loaded’s foundational passion for carving and pumping in a lively flex-camber profile, the Loaded SymTail also empowers riders to explore freestyle and dancing maneuvers with its symmetrical shape and nose and tail kicks. It’s a classic concept for a contemporary carver looking to pump and flow through parking garages, city streets, back roads, and anywhere in between.

It's Right for You If.......

  • You want a lively carving and pumping experience in Loaded’s classic flexy camber construction.
  • You have an active riding style and want your board to return every bit of energy that you put in.
  • You like to mix up your turns with some dancing and freestyle flavor.


  • Length: 39.5" / 100 cm
  • Width: 8.75" / 22.2 cm
  • Wheelbase: 27" / 68.6 cm
  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Flexy
  • Deck Weight: 2.7 lbs / 1.2 Kg
  • Disciplines: Carving & Pumping

Flex Recommendations:

  • Flex 1: 170 - 270+ lbs / 77 - 122+ Kg's
  • Flex 2: 125 - 215+ lbs / 57 - 98+ Kg's


Design Evolution: The SymTail carries on the board model family heritage that began with the PinTail in 2004 and evolved into the FatTail in 2011. As dancing and freestyle became increasingly intertwined with carving and pumping, the original board’s once-minimalist tail grew iteratively larger and more function driven with the FatTail and has now sprouted a fully symmetric nasal counterpart with the SymTail in 2024.

The SymTail was designed in collaboration with Loaded ambassador Ari Chamasmany, who championed the FatTail’s versatility with his inimitable riding style blend of pumping, dancing, and sliding.

Functional Design: The SymTail’s outline shape is designed for finely tuned and even flex. Mild concave braces your feet for quick carving, while the topmount camber platform provides responsive performance tailored toward an active riding style. Twin-taper shape with generous wheel cutouts provides ample turning leverage while maximizing clearance for loose trucks, deep turns, and a wide range of wheel sizes without the need for risers. Mellow upturned nose and tail with additional fiberglass reinforcement for stiffer response in freestyle tricks.

High Performance Composite Construction: Snowboard-inspired construction sandwiches a vertically laminated bamboo core between triaxial fiberglass skins for light weight and durability with lively flex characteristics perfect for hard carving and pumping. A top layer of cork provides vibration damping for a smoother ride.

Super Sap: Bio-based epoxy by Entropy Resins. Uses bio-based materials from industrial waste streams such as tree sap to replace petroleum content and reduce the carbon footprint of the epoxy from manufacturing. We've worked closely with Entropy to enhance every major performance characteristic of the resin. Better for the planet, even more fun.

Graphics, Evolving Nature: The SymTail graphic represents the latest iteration of an ongoing functional and artistic exploration initiated by the PinTail. The original PinTail graphic was designed by Jamie Engelman in 2004 as a meditation on change and growth. It was re-imagined more abstractly by Jan Michael Bennett in 2007 when we switched the PinTail from oak to bamboo.

The FatTail graphic (2011), designed by Nana Studio based on drawings by Daisuke Okamoto, built upon these themes, referencing the past while venturing forward.

Now, with the SymTail, Nana Studio curates original artwork by Okamoto, taking the narrative another step forward. The seed has blossomed into a magnificent tree, embodying the ultimate aspirations of life:

  • Deep Roots: A firm foundation, grounded in experience and wisdom.
  • Solid Core: Strength, unyielding in the face of adversity.
  • Broad Branches: Reaching out, exploring the vastness of the universe, engaging with life in all its richness.

The SymTail stands as a testament to the continuous journey of growth and transformation, an inspiration to strive for our own individual fulfillment and embrace the interconnectedness of life.

RRP: £199.95